Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Should I Wait or Test Now ?

I know most of the time Duchess is right on with my alerts and a great deal of the time recently she has been alerting earlier than in the past which is quite helpful. There is times though I know the early alerts are difficult such as during an interview. The interview went well but during it Duchess was alerting most of the time and come back to my desk afterwards and my blood sugar was 103. Sure enough an half and an hour later I was 75. I know it really can make a difference when I am trying to focus If she is alerting constantly. I had to treat her and continue interviewing. I did not want to stop what I was doing and I glanced at my CGM which was reading 118 so I had a feeling it was an early alert. So I risked it and took a chance. Having a low blood sugar during an interview would be less than ideal. I do know I had to make a call.

I know since my interview was internal it was also less structured like the other candidates because I work with them already. I also worry that I did not answer the questions as well because I know them quite well. I was hoping that the one I work with frequently would be at the interview but he was not. So I have no clue if I will have a shot at a second interview. I did try my best but some times having a service dog is incredibly difficult. I have only had her at one interview previously. I know this being the second time it was challenging. I know Duchess probably noticed my energy and that my blood sugar was moving down. Thankfully my blood sugars stayed stable during the process. I know I was nervous and that does affect my blood sugar. I know regardless I am proud of myself for trying to move up in the company. I know there will always be challenges of having a service dog with you during an interview but I will always feel safer having her there with me.

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