Thursday, May 7, 2015

Messing with the Dexcom Numbers

I love the concept of the Dexcom and what it can do for most people. I know I am the exception in that my numbers on the Dexcom tend to inaccurate for example last nigh. I ate dinner as usual and I head to the gym. I start working out and I expect to see my blood sugars rise during the beginning of my work out since I do not bolus for my meal before going to the gym. So I start working out and I am 20 minutest into my workout and I look at my Dexcom and it has one pointed straight up but I was expecting to see my Dexcom showing that it was leveling off and will be showing a drop. So I continued working out another five minutes. Then Duchess runs over to my machine and stares at me. I know the look when I need to check. So I finish the last two minutes and then test. Sure enough I was actually 69 and the Dexcom still had me moving up when I was actually low.

I know during these times having Duchess is really important. A great deal of the time my Dexcom will say it is moving up quickly when it is not most of the time. So I always test to see where I actually am. I know even when I have had bad lows where I needed assistance normally 40 minutes after the event the Dexcom finally catches up. I am not sure why there is such a delay but I also know that Medtronic's CGM is even worse for me. So I do the best I can with the information I have. I have recently moved my CGM blood sugar down when I start working out. By starting my blood sugar levels at a lower than my actual number has helped improve the accuracy of the alerts some what I am seeing it alert ten minutes after my low instead of 40 minutes. I have not run into any issues with doing so. I was worried about highs but that has not been an issue so far.

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