Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Safety for our Furry Friends


I recently was given the opportunity to try a new product Puppy Treads from Handi-Ramp. This product you can use on steps, floors and tiles. Duchess is normally going about a hundred miles an hour out the dog door but coming back into the house she slides across the floor and actually hits the couch. Since she had had issues with her legs from injuries I am always trying to keep her safe. I put the product at the door coming back in the house and Duchess is no longer sliding across the floor like she was. Even when wet she still not sliding across the floor and she had not hit the couch. I know I have moved the couch back before but when it was wet outside Duchess would still run into the couch. So this product has worked really well.  I noticed that I am not slipping on the product barefooted or in socks. So it does feel safer than before when Duchess would come rushing into the house.
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I know I like to keep Duchess safe from as much as possible. Duchess can be very accident prone at times so this product has worked really well in my home. I know the stickers are easy to apply and don't leave a residue when being removed . I have noticed that the product is wearing well and I have not seen any damage from Duchess running in and out the dog door. She is fairly rough on this area of the house. I know the product comes in Clear, Black and Grey. I know I used the clear and it also is easily cleaned as well. My dog door is in the kitchen area so I need to be able to wipe it down with a mop and it has worked really well for what I needed.I know this product would be very useful on hardwood floors and stairs. I have slide down hardwood stairs at one time. So keep our furry friends safe is always a concern. I know Duchess tends to injure her legs so easily if I had stairs I would have these on my stairs personally.

This company sells a great deal of products from dog ramp, dog treads, and other safety products. The installation process is shown above and very simple. I had no sticky residue on my hands which was so nice. I need to clarify I did receive a free sample and was not paid to blog about the items. the opinions are mine and no the companies.

I would not recommend a product unless I found it useful. I know I spend so much of my time keeping Duchess safe. She will 7 in July so as she is aging I am trying to make sure she is safe and she is my best friend. I think this is good for any dog. I know they can tear ligaments and other leg injuries quite easily and I know Duchess has had these issues. So taking the time to purchase a product like this could be beneficial.

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