Friday, May 22, 2015

Leave The Pet's at Home

I went to grocery store recently and saw another faker in the store. The dog was a boxer which is not used frequently as a service dog but could be used. The owner was shopping the dog had not vest and I find it interesting how the dog did not have a vest when I find it really makes things easier. I watched the dog carefully as I was reaching for some hummus. The dog then puts a block of cheese in its mouth. The owner seems oblivious that her so called service dog was breaking all rules. A service dog should not be trying to eat the food off the floor or in the store in general. The dog seemed to listen to basic commands pretty well but I was really disappointed that someone thought they could bring their pet into the store and it would be fine. It makes Duchess look bad when your dog puts cheese in its mouth when we are in the store. Knowing my luck the person would probably try to blame Duchess for her dogs wrong doing.

I really wish people would just leave your pets at home. Even though they may be well behaved they have not been trained how to handle situations such as a grocery store or a mall for example. Duchess had plenty of training and handles those situations well. I just wish that people understood why taking your dog to the store jeopardizes my rights to have my service dog with me in the future. I depend upon Duchess more than I like to admit but it works for me. I just wish people who had pets could leave them at home where they are most comfortable and happy. There is not need for them to be everywhere with you I know from experience it is not all that much fun and I know taking Duchess everywhere requires a great deal of responsibility and concerns for her safety as well. I know most pet's are not able to handle the stress of handling places like a grocery store when they are only used to their home.

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