Friday, May 29, 2015

Issues That Surprised Me

I know most of the time I don't discuss my Celiac's disease frequently as I should. I know most of the time when I go out to eat I have a stream of worries such as are they using separate utensils when preparing my food, did the workers change there gloves when prepping my food, does the restaurant get how sick I can be from cross contamination. I know most of time I speak with the manager and seem to feel okay most of the time when ordering. I know when I do get exposed to gluten I really feel bad for an extended period of time. I know because I had been dealing with my Celiac's disease for so long it really has become automatic for me to ask the correct questions and hope the answers they are giving me are correct. I know that eating at home is much safer than eating out. I do tend to not eat out frequently to keep myself safe.

I know with the stress I have been experiencing that it also affecting my Celiacs disease as well. I know my body is not handling the stress well but I am really careful of what I have been eating. So I noticed that my stomach has been pissed off at me now for two days and seems to be only getting worse. I know that stress can cause symptoms to what I am experiencing. I know i am hoping that I will get to a place of less stress soon but until then I am doing several things. I am taking Emergen-C which is basically vitamins and high vitamin C. I am also trying to work out and also staying away from people who may be sick. I know you are more likely to get sick when stressed out. So I am hoping to not get sick while dealing with my crazy life right now.

I know the stress is making things difficult for Duchess but also me because I see how unhappy she has been at times this week. I know our normal routine is off with finding out I have 30 days to move. So I know all of this does affect her in a great deal of ways. I know she tends to mirror my emotions most of the time which can be bad. I know I have been busy rushing around trying to figure out what to do next. So I guess until I figure out how to handle everything at least I have a plan.

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