Monday, May 4, 2015

35 Years Where Did The Time Go

I know last year I really was struggling with my Diaversary but this year is so much different. I know my goal this year was to make my Diaversary a little more fun. I know growing up we never celebrated me making it another year or did anything on the date. In fact I don't know the exact date of my diagnosis. My mother would have possible know the date but she passed away seven years ago. So I have not idea except that my mother told me I was diagnosed when I was 18 months old at all my Dr. appointments. I was diagnosed back in 1980 boy does this make me feel old but back to the subject at hand. So this I woke up that day feeling completely in awe that I have Type 1 Diabetes and that no matter what has happened even with dealing with complications I feel like I have accomplished a great deal. I know I am so happy that my Retinopathy has been stable that my vision is still 20/20 even with my Retinopathy. I am also proud that I found solutions for all the issues my Diabetes has thrown at me.

I know I have done the best I can over the years and I am proud that even with my Hypoglycemia Unawareness that it has not stopped me. I still jump out of planes, run and exercise like everyone else. The only thing that has changed is that I have to pre-plan everything out but at the end of the day it is really a small change. I know I have had to learn so much from my Hypoglycemia Unawareness it has taught me to appreciate things even more. It has taught me to really pay more attention to what foods and I am eating and how it affects my blood sugar. I know through it all I am still shocked it has been 35 years. I know I am proud and I know my mother would have been proud as well.

I know my life with Type 1 Diabetes has never been easy and will continue to be full of challenges. i know my Diabetes has taught me to be incredibly resourceful and creative in finding solutions. I know I also owe my parents a great deal gratitude for doing an exceptional job of managing my Type 1 Diabetes. They were incredible in their dedication. I also admire how they found ways to make the worst part of Diabetes more fun when ever possible. I am sitting here today in awe of it all. I also I am thankful that I continue to work at my Diabetes. I know I would not be the same person today without my Diabetes and I am celebrating that today. I am also celebrating I have been blogging for three years now. It is incredible how much my blog has changed my life for the better as well. Thank you all for reading and following me on my journey.


  1. Thank you for sharing your journey and may the fourth be with you :)

    1. Thanks Maria. It has been incredible experience so far. :)