Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Losing a Customer

                    I am still in the process of dealing with Dexcom. They have again come back to less calibration as a fix for the issue. I have an issue with the solution because in the middle of the night last night I tested I was 135 which is fine for me overnight. The dexcom kept saying I was 220. I was told not too calibrate too much. So I entered that I was 135 in the Dexcom and it said on the graph I was 190. So I went back to sleep for two hours then it goes off again saying I was 250 but I was 128. So I leave it alone without calibrating again as instructed. So I go back to sleep and it goes off again. It says I was low but I was not low but 95. I think this is really crummy the only way I get sleep is too turn the device off and that defeats the whole purpose of having the device. I am unable to use the graphs because most of the time the information is skewed because the Dexcom is not accurate to where I actually am. I am less than enthused by their response to my issue. I really do not understand why they don't just replace the receiver and let me move on but they keep trying to delay what they should of done months ago. I have so many people I know who have better accuracy but mine is so much worse and not better. I am tired of companies not backing up their products if they are defective just to save them money but instead they might be losing a customer. I am sure they don't care but they should. I am so irritated that everyone else gets better accuracy and I get the opposite. I have even been told by Dexcom they have not heard this complaint before but yet they do nothing.

                       I have a feeling that the loss of one customer is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but I would of thought they would want to try and keep customers by addressing issues. They have solved all issues with Dexcom sensors quite easily but this does not seem to be their specialty. Technical support told me everything was fine but I don't think that is true. I know I love my Seven Plus that is why I was so excited to get the G4. The seven plus I never had these issues. I could enter that I was not low on my Seven Plus and it would adjust accordingly and leave me alone this one does not even with repeated entries. I am about to give up completely. I have a real lack of confidence that I will be able to get resolution from Dexcom. I am ready to say good bye because eventually I will not be able to get the Seven Plus Dexcom sensors which I am reordering this month because the G4 is not worth all the lost sleep.


  1. Medtronic's Revel is great. Just an idea.

  2. I will be looking into my options if things don't turn around.