Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lessons Learned about Dental Health

                  I know I feel behind on my dental care when I went back to college. I knew I would pay the price one way or another and I currently am. My teeth are not in bad shape I had to get a couple of fillings for the first time in my life and there were changes in my gums. I know I currently  have two blood disorder and vitamin B12 deficiency does cause bleeding of the gums in some patients. I notices some changes last month and a half with finding out the B12 deficiency. Three months before my gums were looking so much better but not now they have went backwards. I have followed all the requests of my dentist and have working to get everything back to where it needs to be. Sadly I was told today I will have to continue to come back every 4 months until my gums and teeth have continued to improve to a healthy level. I already feel like I have way too many appointments these days. I do make up all my time missed for appointments so I know it does not affect my work dramatically but I am always worried about my work using that as a reason to get rid of me.

                The funny part is that I currently floss twice a day brush frequently and use mouth wash all in hopes of helping. I feel kind of defeated in some ways. I have so many conditions that currently do affect my dental health from anemia's to diabetes. I am sure if I continue to follow up things will improve but it can be frustrating how fast things can change in several years. Well now I am back to where I only see my Endocrinologist every three months which will really help and the same for my retina specialist. Hopefully I can get things back on track fast. I have another cleaning in 4 months. I think I am going to also start using a water pik and see if that improves things as well. I am currently doing everything I can but not seeing the results I need. I have always known that dental care was important but I did not realize how having two years of not going could cause so many issues. I have learned some valuable lessons that I need to consistently have dental insurance and regular follow ups. I almost regret going back to college because of the stress of not having insurance and all the issues that popped up but it also opened so many opportunities as well.

                  The good news for me so far is that at least Duchess's teeth are looking good and that is amazing since she will be 5 years old in July. I know they said eventually I will have to have Duchess's teeth cleaned which means they put her out to get it done. Hopefully her visit will go better than mine have.

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