Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Frustration with Dexcom Customer Service

               I went to another visit with my Endocrinologist today. Well good news they said I should have a B12 injection to see if I feel better. I am hoping I feel great and I can get back to thing as they once were. I am really hoping my blood sugars calm down as well with having my first B12 injection. I still have to follow up with my family practice Dr but at least I will be closer to feeling better. I know I have not been feeling great for months but hopefully this will fix things.

              I got an email back from Dexcom that told me I should not be using Hydrocortisone cream with the Dexcom because it has not been tested. I was told I could use the Benadryl spray because it did not seem to affect the function of the Dexcom Seven Plus. So not I will be itching at the site constantly and have to put hydrocortisone cream after I remove it when I have a big welt. I am going to continue to look for other barriers to stop this issue. I told my Dr. about the response from Dexcom about my issues with false alarms of blood sugars constantly saying I'm heading low or high when I am actually between 90-120. There advice is only calibrate the device once for a low and once for a higher blood sugar and they think that will change things. I know everyone love's the Dexcom but not me after my crummy experience so far. I think they are great when dealing with sensor failures or issues with insurance but complicated issues not so much. I know my pump site issues Animas was making an effort to help me and they gave me quite a few free different pump supplies and barriers until I found the solution. So I really give them even more credit after looking at my experience with Dexcom. Animas called and checked back in with me. Dexcom only helped me with an email which is not really an solution.

             I was really hoping they would loan me a different receiver so I can test out to see if it was just an issue with my receiver but I was told no. So they are not very willing to back up the device from what I can tell but thankfully my Dr. said they will be addressing Dexcom directly because they feel that there is an issue with the device and not the sites. At least someone else is backing me up. I am hopeful that I will get a resolution but not without a fight.

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