Wednesday, April 24, 2013


                   I have been trying to get Dexcom to help me solve my issues with my receiver but sometimes this process is frustrating. I recently purchased a new computer and I thought oh I will download a new update onto my new computer but low and behold there is no software currently capable of being used with windows 8 which I have. When I purchased the computer I never even thought about if the Dexcom would be compatible with their software. So I had to start up my old laptop which I was having issues with and try to download onto that computer. Then I had to resent the information to Dexcom again. I am not sure what the results will be. Last time I emailed it and heard nothing back until I called them and they told me everything was fine. I find it funny because everyone I know has had a much more reliable product than I have. They also have had less false alerts which I am facing daily. I am currently dealing with the local representative which honestly has not impressed me much with her customer service. She thought she was done after telling me to only calibrate twice in a day and that would solve the problem. As I knew that did not change anything. So I feel very lucky that my Dr. has been bugging the representative to get my device where it needs to be. I know we both have asked that they replace the receiver for the device but the answer is always no. So I resent the data again for the second time this morning. I am going to be interested to see what they tell me now.

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