Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Possible Discrimination at Work

                  I know I will pay the price for having two seizures at work in one way or another but I am never quite sure how it will pan out. I knew from my really bad past experience that I will end up paying some kind of price or left with less options than some. I normally at this time of year start over time to get everything done by the end of our fiscal year. My job we are always behind and so I really need this time to get a handle on things. I work very hard but honestly my job is a little daunting and I do manage to do my best. There is just never enough time. This year I have noticed my co-worker has been offered overtime but as of yet I have not been. I know they even had a meeting about changes in the overtime process basically new rules and such for my department. I know my co-worker told me about the meeting to give me a heads up about it before i was supposed to have the meeting. I know they told him that they would be meeting with everyone but I still have not had a meeting and that was at the end of March. I know my department is extremely poor at communicating things except if you make a mistake they always communicate about that. I have a feeling I am not going to be offered overtime this year which is really going to hurt me financially. The reason I took this job is because they offered overtime every spring and summer.

                 I know if I do not get offered the overtime I will have to pursue this because honestly I need the same opportunities as my co-workers do. I really hate having Diabetes because it hurts my pocket book to begin with them it is preventing me from earning more money which I hate really hurts. It always seems like even though I miss the least amount of work verses my healthy co-workers they will always doubt my abilities. I already feel I have to jump through a billion hoops with my diabetes and then to have to deal with always worrying about discrimination or other issues. I know I am always trying to educate but sometimes it can be a little much. I will speak with my manager about my concerns and also contact the disabilities office to run interference if necessary but I am not sure what the results will be but I guess time will tell. I know UT does not have a great track record of dealing with diabetics. The type 1 I meet a a recent mixer also works at UT and she has had difficulties as well.

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