Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Discussion with Friend Yesterday

                    I had a friend call me last night who I catch up with every couple of months. I know our schedules tend to be mirror opposites so we only tend to get together occasionally. She was talking with me about how different things are now from 5 years ago. She knew me when things were really falling apart and I was having so many lows that I feel really out of it at times. That is also the start of my journey to get Duchess. I was fortunate to of stumbled upon that information back then because I really question if I could hold a job with all the issues I was having back then. I know it was like my life stopped. She said it is just amazing how much freedom Duchess has given back to me. I couldn't agree more. I know the lows were so daunting that I was afraid to leave my house and get lost again. This happened a couple of times luckily I ended up being safe. I know I was following all the things my Dr.'s were suggesting but it was not working nor were they really listening to me. I know they hated the idea of a diabetic alert dog and thought a CGM would be better. It was back when they nothing like they are today and I thought it was worthless for me. I am glad that I was started back then to do what I thought was appropriate for my own safety and security. I know the Dr. back then did not want snacks when I was on the pump but we were constantly tweaking the settings and were just not there yet.

                       I gave the Dr.'s a couple weeks to figure out the pump setting but every time they did I had an EMS involved low so from then on I have been adjusting my own settings because honestly I am the one who has to live with the device 24-7. Needless to say when I started to take things into my own hands I found that my A1c was improving my amount of lows were reduced and I had things better controlled.
I know my friends and I discussed how my evolution into being my own advocate through  my experience and how I am ever more so now as a blogger. She says she can't believe how much I have changed through my journey. I know she says she wished more people worked as hard as I do. I know when she told me I was a hundred shades of red but I was flattered it was so very sweet of her to say. I am glad I am not where I was 5 years ago and I hoping to have even more improvements as I continue on.


  1. Here's to another amazing 5+ years! :-)

  2. Thanks Scott. I am feeling great at what I have accomplished and hoping for another great 5 years to come.