Thursday, April 4, 2013

So Easy to Blame One's Self For Bad Lows

                   I am trying today to keep myself looking forward. When I have yet another bad low I tend to blame myself and try to figure out what went wrong. Sometimes I do find things I should avoid doing and have learned some things along the way but yesterday's low there is nothing I think I could of done differently. The interesting things is that I have made no changes recently and there was nothing out of the ordinary the day before really that would of thrown things off. I do not tend to have a lot of late night lows but this one really threw me off because it was around 4:30 in the morning and normally my blood sugar starts to rise during this time period from my experience. If I am going to go low during the night is it usually between 2:30am and 3:30am. So this was quite strange and I did everything as I normally would even went to bed around my normal time. I have a feeling this is just one time I will not be able to figure out. I am okay with that but it can be frustrating. I am back to work today which is good.

                   So far my blood sugars have been good and no issues so far. Hoping things will stay quite on the diabetes front for a while. These low events can really wear me out after a while but I am so very thankful that I did not have a seizure but was just a low. Seizure patterns can take a while to break so a low is much better for me. The good part about this time is that Duchess alerting has not been affected which can happen after a bad low. It can be extremely stressful for DAD's when a salutation gets bad and other assistance is needed. I now Duchess seems to think she failed me and I have learned I have to stress to her that she did a a good regardless of what happens. She is her normal self and even sleep very close to me last night. I know she is on high alert all last night because of what happened. The bad part is that means she did not sleep much so it will be a really long day for Duchess.


  1. I know all too well that it's hard to regain confidence and not beat ourselves up.

  2. It really is too easy to do so. I am trying my best not too but it can be hard.