Monday, April 15, 2013

Discussion at Grocery Store

                I was leaving the grocery store on Sunday and was approached by a gentlemen who wanted to know what Duchess's job was. Since he asked in a very polite manner I decided to tell him that she detects the high and low blood sugars I can no longer feel. He was sharing with me that his wife was a type 1 diabetic and has had increased number of low blood sugars she is not feeling. I know how scary that can be for everyone around a diabetic. I know he asked me about what it was like to have Duchess with me and I normally discuss the good and the bad. I do this because I don't want people to think it is easy and no work because I do have to spend time keeping her training up. I have made some mistakes along the way with Duchess as any service dog owner could make but I am learning which is the important part. I know I find if funny now that I have had Duchess for a while now that more and more people are actually guessing her job correctly which is interesting because when I first got her most people had never heard of diabetic alert dog but I know there has been so many more stories, articles and bloggers talking about their alert dogs.

                I know the husband seemed worried and wanted her to start looking into her options of what she can do to prevent the bad lows from happening. I told him honestly some of the scary lows are not always preventable whether you can feel a low or not I think it can just happen. I know he was really amazed to see a diabetic alert dog in Austin. There is several currently and I was the first to have a diabetic alert dog in the area. So I am hoping with me blogging, talking,educating and spreading the word maybe somebody who was having a similar experience to mine will find what a life saver a DAD can be or find other options as well. The man was extremely polite and it was nice to meet a spouse who was willing to learn as much as possible about the options for his spouse. I am hoping he finds what he is looking for. I know one thing for sure is that Hypoglycemia Unawareness is by far the most scary thing I have experienced so far. It can really make you feel so very vulnerable and not safe. I am hoping he lets his spouse know that there is options because when I got diagnosed I did not find many options.

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