Friday, April 26, 2013

Observations on Campus and in General

                    Since I have been working at the University of Texas I have been able to observe some things that I have found quite interesting. I know I currently do not consider myself disabled currently but I am sure the State of Texas does because I need Duchess. I have found some interesting things through observations as I am walking around campus. I love people watching. I have noted some really sad things recently. I was observing a student that also had a service dog I am not sure what for. Normally when you walk through a certain area of campus groups are raising money, inviting people to join clubs, advertising up coming events and talking about issues that concern them. I noticed that the student with the service dog was not offered the same opportunities as the other students walking around in the same area. It really made me sad that they really did not offer the student the same chance as other healthy students. I know the general public can really miss the boat when it come to understanding. Many of these students live very normal lives with some obstacles but should be able to do most things like any other person. I find the treatment of the student and the service dog incredibly sad because the student truly has just as much to offer. I know there was a study about workplaces and the disabled. The study pointed out that the disabled worker missed less work than their healthy counter parts. I know that has held true for me and my workplace. I do have more appointments but that also means I miss less work. I also make up my time as well.

                     I have noticed that many people treat me differently after I got Duchess. It can be quite socially isolating in some ways because people either are too nosy or they ignore you completely. The good part for me is that I have great friends and co-workers. I know life can really through you some tough obstacles but I was really surprised how much inaccurate information can affect a person. As diabetics the old notion that we are unable to have sugar or have to have a special diet still plagues most of us. I am was really suprised how old judgements of people with disabilities still exist today. I was really saddened by this and I will continue to try and educate people as much as I can. I know the report I read talked about how when most of the baby boomers retires that the workforce will need to look at how to better accommodate the disabled in order to fill the gaps of a smaller workforce which I think is necessary in so many ways.

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