Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Little Clown

   I really have to give Duchess some credit because of the past couple weeks of dramatic fast moving blood sugars and constant changes. She has not seem fazed in the slightest and I could not be more thankful even though I am stressed about it she seems like she keeps going with no issues. She really had helped me dramatically when my blood sugars were swinging upward very quickly she always let me know so early that I could stop my blood sugars from soaring up as high or dropping as low which is really great for keeping my A1c still in a good spot but also keeping me safe. She is such an amazing friend she knows when I am stressed and I have noticed during these times she becomes more of a clown to distract me from all the craziness that I have experienced and she always finds ways to make everyone smile. I know we have some new employee's in the office I work in and they are all amazed at Duchess. I have caught a couple of them stopping to watch Duchess sitting there next to my desk being quite and waiting for my blood sugars to move.

                 Good news so far. I have noticed the my blood sugars have mellowed out some and are now closer to where I was before. I am not having as a dramatic swings upwards after eating which is wonderful. I am hoping with some more tweeking I will be back to where I was once the B12 shot has had time to work. I am sure the B12 shot has played a part already in calming down my blood sugars already. Hoping for better blood sugar days ahead. I need the break.

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