Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Swings from High to Low and Back Again

             It has been a frustrating start to the week because since the end of last week I have had these crazy swings in blood sugar. I am running my basal at a 40 percent increase all day just to keep in some what of a normal range but everything goes out of control when I eat. I either drop quickly or have an incredibly fast rise. I am thinking this is relating to my vitamin B12 deficiency. I was told I had to wait till the end of the month before they will rerun the blood work and see where I am at. If I am not feeling better I will start B12 injections. Lack of B12 can cause insulin resistance in some diabetics. So I am trying my best to keep my self on track but I hate being over two hundred at all.  I have been pre-bolusing for meals as usual but that does not always stop the huge rise in blood sugars. I also have been trying everything I can to keep things in a stable form but at least I have the pump and the temp basals which right now is helping quite a bit. I am really glad on days like these that my pump site issues were some what resolved. My Dexcom has been great in that at least it is catching the quick rises in blood sugars that I have been having.

              I know all the crazy swings are not only hard on me but Duchess as well. I am trying my best to keep things as level as possible but I am can't wait till I can get this B12 deficency taken care of so I can go back to my old patterns which I am able to better manage than this.


  1. Tarra, I take B12 pills each day. Have you tried those? I know the shots woke better but you could try the pill form until the shot or in between shots....

  2. Ann I am currently taking the B12 pills and they recently had me change over to the liquid form of B12 as well. I thought that was not working as well. I switched back around 2 weeks ago. I have a feeling my Celiac's disease is part of my absorption issue as well. So juggling both will be interesting. Thanks Ann.