Friday, April 5, 2013

Not Thrilled about Upcoming D Anniversary

                   I have been thinking about my upcoming D anniversary of 33 years in May. I really can't believe it has been that long. At times it really does seem that long and longer but other times I am like wow it really has been that long. I have never been big on celebrating my D anniversary but I have noticed so many of the DOC who do. I guess because my family never made it a big things I guess I never have either. I do think there is a place for celebrating all your hard work and effort that has been put forth. I know I have gotten quite a bit of criticism over the past 5 years because I am not complication free like they are. I know I have seen on some forums that there are people who said they never took care of themselves and have no complications and people want to know what they did to achieve this, but look at me as a big failure who has nothing to add to discussions because I have complications. There is one guy I recall said he did not test his blood sugars for 10 years and he does now but things are still complications free. I find it funny even with effort I do get complications but others do not. I know how your body handles diabetes does play a part in if you are more likely to get complications early in.

                       I am not really thrilled with the fact that my 33 years D anniversary is coming up at all. I am not sure why I feel this way this year. Last year I was some what excited about that I had made it 32 years. This year I might try to do something fun to celebrate my D anniversary. I know on that day Duchess is taken to the dog bakery and given a big treat for all her work. I might as well do something for myself maybe a nice lunch with close friends who have been around me during the D experiences. I have not decided what I will do but maybe that will change my view of my upcoming D anniversary in May.

Also please take a moment to sign a petition below it is about getting standardized TSA screenings which we really need. I know everytime I fly it is different. This also asks for further training on diabetic devices. Please take a moment and sign.


  1. Doesn't it just go to show that there is so much more about complications that we don't understand?

    My 33 year diagnosis anniversary is coming up this month, too. I make a big deal of it in my head, because, like you say, we work really hard to take care of ourselves. We deserve a pat on the back.

    Whether I'll actually DO anything on that day? That depends on what my wallet looks like. :-)

    I think your idea of of a nice lunch with close friends sounds lovely.

  2. Complications are interesting when I have heard of them as early as two or three years in. So I am sure there is more to be learned. Happy D Anniversary as well. I knew yours was in April. I hope you are able to enjoy your day as well. I guess I will see what happens in May if things go according to plans.

  3. My husband was diagnosed at the age of 6 months old. It will be 33 years this July. He has retinopathy, Nuropathy, and Hypo unawareness. He is in pain 24/7 from the neuropathy and is now on social security disability. We are pretty convinced though that complications are not directly related to control. Yes, control plays a role, but here's how I look at it. I have heard stories of people who were diagnosed back in the 30's say and they are still living and have no complications. I don't think there is any way back in the 30's that they had good control, so it just goes to show you. It's so frustrating though. Take care.

  4. I have to agree but wish they would not always blame the patient or diabetic completely their is so many factors.