Monday, April 8, 2013

Strange Things We Do When Low

                  I was having a conversation this weekend with a friend and we were discussing the crazy things you think and do during a low. For example shortly before I had a seizure last July I was talking about that my friend needed to turn in work to my supervisor. I still laugh at that one because they are not going to know who my supervisor is. I know they were talking about a time they were in college and they left everyday at 5:30 am to head to school they had a decent drive. He had taken a nap and then woke up and looked at the clock and called his friends to ask where he was because they were going to be late to school because he thought it was 6am.. It was actually 6pm and his friend had thought he had lost his mind. I know I had a low when I was 7 or 8 and my parents were getting ready to go out with friends. I had no idea I was low but I knew something felt off. So I started going through things that might cause things to be off. I thought that I had not changed the calendar in my room from the previous month was causing everything to be off. Then I thought everything was wrong because my room was not clean I know my mind can go to the strangest places when I am low. It took my  parents a while to see that I was low but I really glad they figured it out because I had no clue. In fact most of my life unless I was shaking most people are unable to tell I am low.

                    I know my friend also has people not really noticing when he is low which can be problematic for most diabetics. I know since my Hypoglycemia Unawareness diagnosis I think it has only become even more difficult to tell that I am low. I remember being 17 one afternoon and I was still working. I had no clue or sign I was low eventually I did start to show signs of being low but my coworker brought me a coke and everything was fine. I know I feel a little less crazy with people who understand the strange thought processes while you are low and crazy actions as well. I know my friend and I had a great laugh about some of the times we were low and the strange conversations we have had. I know I have had some interesting conversations over the years with EMS as well but I guess thats all part of being a diabetic. I know you have to have a sense of humor being diabetic because you can get into yourself into some awkward situations.


  1. Boy, we sure do some crazy things when we're low! Scary to think about how our brains can trick us into thinking we're not low, when we're really right on the edge of falling over!

  2. I know I have had way too many embarrassing moments than I would like to admit. I know my brain loves to fool me and have me thinking I'm doing great.