Tuesday, April 23, 2013

College Students

               I have found over the past three years that people are not very smart sometimes. I am not sure if they think I am deaf  but they continually continue to talk about me when their right behind me or right in front of me. I know yesterday I was on my afternoon break with Duchess and we normally walk around campus to give her a break. The two college students were talking really loudly about how Duchess had the do not pet signs on her vest. The one girl asks the other one why would that women not let people pet her dog. The one girl replies that maybe she is a service dog. They said that would make sense if she was a service dog with a do not pet sign. The one girl said she thought it was mean to Duchess because I would not let people pet her but the other girl said it really makes sense to me. I have heard that if you pet them they can become distracted from their jobs. They both then go onto discussing service dogs. I know the one girl kept saying I really just want to pet her she is so beautiful. I am a little impartial I think she is beautiful as well. The two girls followed behind me for quite a while they even commented on how people should let everyone pet their dogs but I disagree. I have learned from my own experience that a dog may look friendly but they are not always. Sometimes the dogs have issues from abuse or a negative experience. Looking at a dog's body language is key but most people do not pay attention. Duchess loves to be pet but I know she will stop working and even if she was able to I would not always says yes because honestly I would never get anythings done.

             I know the funniest part as we are walking and the girls shortly behind Duchess always seems to know when she is being talked about. She perks up walk to a prance and struts her stuff. I know she always gives me something to laugh about. I could not stop watching her change her posture as she heard the girl talking about her. She is such a goofy dog but I would not have it any other way.


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