Monday, April 22, 2013

Lows for Hours

               I had a very long evening last night I started to go low around 8:20pm and was low til around 10pm then I went low again til around 3:00am. The Dexcom going off over and over again. I had over 300 carbohydrates during this low which is about as much as I would of eaten in three days all in one night. I had glucose tabs, M&M's, juice, peanut butter & crackers, peanut butter and toast, Greek yogurt, hummus and chips, smarties, coke, leftover spaghetti and other left overs. Nothing seemed to be working but I did not want to give a glucagon shot for a low. I did not go below 40 but I stayed there for several hours and it is not unusual for me to have one's like this occasionally. I was lucky in that it was in the evening when I had everything done for the day and the low was not preventing me from accomplishing anything. The low because it went till late in the night to say I slept well was an understatement but I was up and moving bright and early this morning and quite cheerful considering everything. The most frustrating part of this long low is that my heartbeat was faster than normal because I was low which honestly is not something I am used to these days. I normally like to start off Monday with a little more sleep but I guess I will have to just have an extra cup of coffee this morning.

                 I know times I really feel awful for Duchess because she is on constant alert most of the night. She I could tell was really getting tired at one point she was squishing me laying on top of me because she wanted me to address the lows I was having. I know she was giving me that look of why are you not taking care of this and why are you making me constantly alert you. I know I always worry about wearing her out with these types of lows because they can last for hours. I know that must get stressful for her but I do try to give her extras special alerts during the longer one's such as cheese or her favorite peanut butter biscuits to keep her alerting up. I found that last night Duchess did not leave my side for several solid hours even to go to the bathroom eventually I finally got it to go back up and made her go out but she is so very dedicated and concerned during these events.

If I had only Save these for last night it would of been a more enjoyable low for hours. Love these gluten free cupcakes