Friday, November 9, 2012

What I have Learned Throughout This Year

               With it being National Diabetes Awareness Month I was reflecting back upon some of the things I have learned this year or needed to relearn this year. I have a horrific time when I am high in that I am very harsh on myself when I should be more realistic and forgiving with myself. I am going to be working on this more into next year as well I'm sure. In order to avoid seizures I really need to monitor my stress level to the best of my ability. I have been able to do better by taking my breaks at work and making sure I get out of the office because when I don't it can be very over whelming after a while. I also need to think about what Duchess needs because getting out and taking a walk or playing is really essential to keeping her alerting at her best. I have learned that educating your co-workers can be good for everyone involved. I know my co-workers felt more in control when they had my instructions on what to do during seizures or lows. I can be a shy person at times and telling everyone what to do during emergencies is not always easy. I did limit who attended the training meeting and was more comfortable I also did not tell everyone which provided me with some sense of privacy that I feel I need.

                  I learned that I really should not define myself by my A1c I have know this for years but I have to continually remind myself. I am not a bad diabetic if I have a bad day and my numbers are just one part of the whole equation that I call diabetes. I have learned the hard way that yes my Dr.'s can tell you are a bad diabetic because they think your A1c is too low and that does not make me a bad person either. I know I have learned that the general public will always give my flack and lack of understanding because of all the mis-information out there. There are some people willing to learn the correct information and others choose not too. I am working on continually education to the best of my abilities to help all the diabetics out there. I have learned again that trying my best is really good enough. I do have some complications but just as long as I am continually trying my best that is good enough.I know that each person's bodies handle diabetes differently and some better than others. I also have learned more and more how amazing the Doc community is thank you for all the advice during my pump infusion set issues.


I'm joining a Health Activist Roundtable on Diabetes with @wegohealth this friday 12-1pm EST:


  1. It's so hard to be gentle and kind to ourselves when we are often brainwashed into believing that the highs and lows are our fault. I try to remember that we're trying to be a pancreas, which is a super hard job.

  2. It can be so easy to forget being a pancreas is hard work. I know most Dr's I have seen have all blamed us for our blood sugars and any serious lows but I think some things cannot be prevented.