Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Feeling slightly Burnt Out

                I normally would have been wearing my Dexcom the first day after I was done dealing with my cold. I had stopped cold medicine on Thanksgiving and was starting to feel better. I thought it would be nice to not have another device beeping at me through dinner so I left it off. The next day I justified that I had done without it for a week during my cold why do I need it today. I have done that justifying all the way through until today. Now here it is Tuesday and I finally started up a sensor today. I love the information but at work the device is so loud. I guess I have been feeling a little burnt out by it all but avoiding the Dexcom is not going to help. I have been testing my normal 14-16 times a day as usual but I guess after all my fiasco's with the infusion sets and adhesive issues you can become tired of it all. I know that Duchess has been alerting so well I guess I figured why bother but I know this time of year can be tricky with all the parties and such. So I am glad I started up my Dexcom again but at times it also drives me crazy.  I am looking forward to getting the new G4 Dexcom in December. I am hoping that the accuracy improvements will only make the experience even better.


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