Monday, November 19, 2012

Refreshing Experience

                  I had an interesting visit to target this weekend. I was walking down an aisle as usual and there were two kids with their mother shopping. The mom turns to her two boys and says that is a working dog and we do not pet. Then she says to the kids also do not ask to pet her dog because it is rude when she is just trying to live a normal life. I had never thought I would hear that from the general public. I was so pleased to hear a parent education their children but also educating them on my need to not be bothered. I try my best to live a normal life but when kids and adults get overly excited in the stores because Duchess is their it can make it difficult. It was so refreshing to hear as I was shopping. There also were two other parents who also told their kids that you do not pet service animals. I was stopped by another person when I was in the book aisle. He turns to me and says why are you not allowed to pet your service dog. I told him that a service dog can become distracted and then stop working which has happened to me. It took me weeks of work to get her back on track. I did not let people pet her at college but, they were just reaching down and petting her. Now I will block people because I know sensitive Duchess can be to being pet.

                     I don't mind answering that question for people because it brings understanding of how sensitive the dogs can be to distractions and interactions with people. Duchess is highly focused on her job but has a limit to where she would rather get attention from other people instead of working. I am okay with Duchess being that way because if I let people pet her they will continue to try and pet every service animal which could impact others.

Photo: On our way to TRF. Happy birthday, Tarra!
My good friend Amy and Duchess at the Texas Renaissance Festival

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