Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alerting Patterns

                 The interesting thing about having a diabetic alert dog is that there is a pattern to Duchess's alerting. For example when my blood sugar starts to move she tends to try and sit closer to me. Then here eye's start to dilate the lower or higher it goes. She also will try to bump my hands or want attention as her little way of letting me know that things are moving around. The longer I have her the more she also has become vocal about the movement of my blood sugar. She is quite a funny dog because she is not allowed to bark in public she makes up these interesting noises. It seems every week there is a new one. She is so smart she finds ways around the things she should not be doing. She loves to communicate so she finds a way. Duchess also loves to cuddle when I am low or high I think the training is part of the reason. They love to find the smell. I will never understand though how they teach the dog to know how dangerous a low or high can be. There is always a sense of urgency.


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