Friday, November 23, 2012


                  I had a pretty great Thanksgiving with some great friends. I cooked at home a ham and some dessert with me. Most traditional Thanksgiving sides have gluten in them for examples dressing, gravy, green bean casserole, and rolls just to name a few. Having celiacs disease and adding holidays into the mix has been a great challenge. I am lucky that my friend Amy's friend also has Celiac's and so she is used to making things gluten free. I always am so worried about getting exposed to gluten by cross contamination which happens so easily. I did come away without being exposed to gluten and that is a successful holiday. I did have some issue when I was drinking wine which had me stay about 70 which is lower than I would like so even with eating a big meal I still was low several times. I did dose lower on the insulin trying to avoid going low but sadly my body had other ideas. The funny thing is the night before I had a drink or two and my blood sugar stayed around 90 through out the night which was ideal but diabetes is as always full of surprises. I am hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.

My friend Agustin, Duchess and I watching a The University of Texas Longhorns game after dinner.

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