Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WDD 2012

               Another World Diabetes Day is upon us. I know my times as diabetic over the past 32 years things have changed dramatically and for the better. I am truly amazed amount of blogs, advocates, and speakers there are for the diabetic community. I know the number will only continue to grow as we all try to fight to find a cure that we all need. I know that my blog has really transformed my life in so many ways. I started blogging on a regular basis this past May and now I don't feel alone in all the craziness I call diabetes. I am constantly trying to educate the public by speaking and blogging. I am hoping all of us spreading the word will lead to many great things. I know my journey has been so dramatically changed just by becoming involved. I am including a link for some WWD events. There is so many ways to become involved such as volunteering, and educating the public. There is also other opportunities out there.  I know I was very shy about starting to blog but I would not change a thing now. I have learned so much from all the bloggers and diabetic online community. Thanks for being part of my adventures with Duchess.


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