Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Disruptive Ride

              I work in Downtown area in Austin and my work has limited parking. They charge their employee's to park. The yearly cost is around $450.00 to park or 35 a month. I am not a fan of paying my employer to park and then there time that because of an event that you have to park else where. I find it easier to use the bus passes they pay for all the employee's and students to have. I normally do not have too many issue I take a flyer bus which has less stops and goes directly to UT. This bus most people leave Duchess alone but not today. I had this man come over and sits downs next to me right near Duchess. I ask him to please not pet her. So he pulls his hand back. I am listening to music on my iPhone like I normally do in the mornings. I then notice that he is trying to stare at her and trying to get her attention. I gave the man a dirty look but he still did not get the point. So I asked him to please do not distract her. The man continues to make noises at her. Some one else on the bus that rides regularly told the guy to leave her alone.  I sometimes wish people would understand how easily a dog can become distracted by them trying to pet her or get her attention. She is well trained but loves attention. If I let people pet her she will not work.

              I depend on her more than I like to admit. She is amazing at her job but with people trying to do things to distract her it can be very frustrating for me. I am trying to keep her alerting at the level I need. The CGM I have does not provide the alerts the way Duchess can so I rely on her to warn me or get help if necessary. It is such a delicate balance I am always trying to keep myself safe and Duchess focused is not as easy as I initially thought it would be.

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