Monday, November 12, 2012

Interesting Trip to TRF

                   I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival this weekend with my friend Amy. We got there a decent hour and started our day off. This time there was a much bigger crowd than opening weekend. I knew it would be an interesting day as always. There will always be a number of people who are very uneducated about service animals. The day started off with the usual comments like " Oh I didn't know you could bring your dogs here" or " I am bringing (their dog's name) next year" I am sure they did not realize that no dogs are allowed only service animals. I got the normal can I please pet your dog pretty much all day long. I also got may I ask what the dog's job is or what is your disability. I was not always in the mood to discuss what Duchess does with perfect strangers. I would occasionally tell people but they had to approach me in a very polite manner. It's was my Birthday and I just wanted to enjoy the festival. I so wish that for once I could have a normal day at a festival but I know that will never happen. There is times I feel like I am a side show act at the circus. I know I have not option currently other than Duchess so I do my best with the circumstances. I had several rude comments as usual from people because I would not let them pet Duchess.
Henna Tattoo
                    Then there was a child that the parents left attended and the kid of course was all over Duchess. I do not like people's kids near my dog because she has been hit, kicked, and her tail pulled by little kids so I try to avoid them as much as possible. I like children but I don't like them hurting Duchess. This little kid would not leave her alone he was around two years old. I decided to move away from the kids and then the kid decided to run after me. I was trying my best to avoid the kid and finally the parents noticed that there kid was harassing Duchess and I. I was surprised that parents would let their little child run around by themselves with so many people. It would have been so easy to kidnap the child. My friend during this all was trying to find the parents who ended up were quite far away. I love having Duchess with me she is my best friend these days but I do not always enjoy the comments, reactions or treatment from the general

Duchess and Amy

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