Friday, November 30, 2012

Holidays and Low Blood Sugars

                   The holiday time is always so hectic it is hard to believe tomorrow is December 1st. I have learned a great deal over the years when it come to my diabetes and the holidays. I always try to go overboard with everything and that has its consequences. I have had several emergency room visits for bad lows or seizures over the years. I have been learning to slow things down a bit to avoid having these issues. I love all the parties, shopping and baking but it can catch up with me. I am glad that I won't be doing most of my shopping till after I get back to Seattle to visit my family. This will take off a lot of pressure to get everything done while balancing a demanding job. I know Duchess is not a fan of the extra commotion during the month of December. I have done some shopping already and they have been shipped to my grandma's house and I think she already wrapped the presents for me. My grandmother is great and loves to wrap presents. One less thing I will have to worry about. My mother always did so much at Christmas and made it look so easy. Since my hypoglycemia unawareness diagnosis I know even more so now that some times I need to slow down. I am going into this Christmas with less personal expectations for myself and it feels much more manageable.I am looking forward to all the get together s with friends and family but without the rough lows.


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