Thursday, November 8, 2012

Looking at Costs

                    When looking at getting a diabetic alert dog you have to look at the costs. At the time my insurance did not cover CGM at all. So I found that out of pocket for the CGM would be pretty comparable and not as reliable. Costs to consider when purchasing diabetic alert dogs is initial purchase costs of the dogs depending upon if self trained or program trained dogs. The vet costs such as shots, heart worm prevention, flea control, brushes, supplements for joint health, and proper dog food. Then there is the cost of treats, toys, leashes,brushes, dog bath products, collars, bowls, mats, dog beds and chew toys. My service dog does got through leashes quicker since they are in use most of the time. I buy a specialized hands free leash which makes it easier when I am carrying things and have Duchess with me. Then their is the cost of vest which I like to have a back up vest as well they usually run from 40-150 dollars for certain vests. There is also the expense of doggy bags to clean up after them as well. Duchess has allergies and so needs to be on a grain free diet which ends up costing me about a $1.25 a day to feed her. Each dog may have different health concerns so cost can vary dramatically. Then the yearly vet visits we have scans of hips or other issues that can be present from her long hours of work. Having dog pet insurance is recommended can range from 24-55 a month depending upon plans. Most service dogs like Duchess have seat belts in the car and also harnesses as well. Then boots for snow, ice or hot pavement. There is also costs depending on the climate where you live as well.

                        Diabetic alert dogs are an investment for sure and they can be quite pricey on a yearly basis but have so many benefits as well. The costs are more than I thought it would be even with calculating the expenses before I started the process. I will spend quite a bit for my CGM even with insurance but not have nearly the accuracy that Duchess provides me. I need the accuracy because my blood sugars can move so quickly. In fact during my last seizure at work. I caught that my blood sugar was dropping quickly and was drinking juice when I started to seize. So I realistically need Duchess to give me that little edge that a CGM does not provide. Overall I am quite comfortable with the costs but it can a shock to someone if they have not done their home work of the figures before they start their journey to get a diabetic alert dog.

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