Monday, November 26, 2012

Feeling beat up

                    I went to the movies Saturday night like many other people over the holiday weekend. There were quite a few great movies out. I was getting settled into my seat with my friends. Then as usual the people who are running late are scuffling into the theater. They was a group of women who sat close to me and Duchess. They were talking pretty loudly between the three of them. I think most of the theater could hear them. They had to walk past Duchess and I to get to their seats. I was not surprised that we became a topic of their conversations. I am used to that to an extent from most people. I was a little a taken a back at how harsh they were. One of the ladies starts off why would they ever let anyone bring their dog into a theater. The other lady states I think the whole idea that anyone would ever need a dog to help them is preposterous. Then the other lady in the group goes on to state I think there is such a growing number of people who are using these dogs as a way to get attention. All these comments I really take offense too. It is really hard to understand sometimes the ignorance of others. I know having service dogs in public is hard to understand for people but these dogs give us so much.

                   I know Duchess gives me hope, opportunity and my life back to an extent and that is priceless. I am still astonished that people do not understand the need for some to have a service dog to help. I do not do it for the attention but for my own safety. I would give anything to have my life the way it was in some ways. I also have had  a lot of wonderful things happen because of Duchess so there is the good and the bad but it has never been about the attention. I have spent my life avoiding attention related to my diabetes. I really want to live a normal life like anyone else. I know I am unable to change the ignorance but sometimes the comments are a little tough to take.

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