Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Shades of Gray

                    I was speaking on a health pannel through Wego Health about various diabetes topics. We started discussing Hypoglycemia Unawareness. There were two of us on the health panel dealing with it. I know the other panelist had talked about how he did not currently drive because of the extent of his issue. I am thankful that I have Duchess because of her I still am able to go places without the constant fear and I can have back the parts of my life I had lost when I first started dealing with hypoglycemia unawareness. I have never been as scared for my own life until I had experienced not being able to feel any lows. I do currently have times I can detect a low here and there but never enough to rely upon it. My body currently has different ways of letting me know I am low and I am always trying to reteach myself to look for the symptoms but the issue is how easy they are to miss. When I used to get shaky when I was low there was not question I am low or my fast heart beat it left me with not question that I was low.

Photo: On our way to TRF. Happy birthday Tarra!
On the way to the Texas Renaissance Festival

                    A person on the panel brought up to me that if you run your blood sugars higher for a week or two that your feeling would come back. I have tried this method and with no results. I never was able to get back the feeling of lows to what I needs sadly. I have read study upon study that all say the same thing run high for several weeks and it will come back but honestly they never discuss when it does not. I find that to be frustrating. I know that for many doing exactly that running for several weeks and they are feeling the lows again. I on the other hand did not. I find that not all standard treatments of diabetes work for me most of the time they do not. So I am used to find what works for me. I know diabetes is not black and white but really has shades of grey. I feel like most of the time my has been mostly gray but it was refreshing to hear from others that they have experienced the shades of grey as well. I know I have struggled with my Dr.'s trying to use the standard protocols for my care when I actually need to not follow standard protocol. My diabetes is individual and not text book and that goes for my diabetics. I really just want care that matches what I really need.


  1. Yep, another great example of how we are all so different.

    BTW - I love this pic!

  2. Yes we are. It is one of my new favorite pictures. She is one happy dog most of the time. Thanks Scott.

  3. I soooo wish they would stop telling hypo-hyper glycemic unaware people this urban myth about "running the blood sugars high for awhile will get back the awareness". I have YET to meet "A" person that it worked for and I speak to 10 diabetics a week! when they call asking about Diabetic Alert Dogs....

  4. I have done so much research when I got diagnosed with hypoglycemia unawareness and all articles stat that myth. I hear it so often it makes me mad. Interesting thing is that most Dr's advise you to run high and look at you crazy when you tell that it does not work.