Thursday, November 15, 2012

Need to Work on Some Issues

                   I have recently been struggling with being moody with Duchess and I can on occasion when I am really stressed, I try my best to avoid being moody with her but I struggle. The struggle is that when I'm in the middle of working I am always so go go that I forget how much my diabetes can come back and cause major issues. I am very driven and really have a hard time stopping what I'm doing to take care of my diabetes even though I know I should stop immediately. I have been struggling with this balance for the past three years. I do give her treat as usual but my tone is not always the most friendly. I have also found the past three years when I have lows that I am struggling to maintain a positive mood in general. I know it was rare that I would become moody when I was low but not it is becoming more routine. I find it difficult to do so and I don't want to say something at work that can be misconstrued because they don't get I'm low.

                    I know that if I don't keep my responses positive and upbeat that it could possibly cause issues with Duchess's alerting ability. So I try my best but recently it seems it is more than I can handle. I am hoping with some time off from work during the holidays will help me to get back on track with my responses and look for a solution of options for handling it. Duchess has been excellent at her alerting so she has not been affected from what I can tell so far but if I keep it up I have a feeling their will be consequences. I know I love the graphs of the Dexcom but that also can drive me crazy at times. I had to relearn a lesson again yesterday evening. Duchess alerted I gave her a treat and did not test. I told myself I would test in a few minutes and that turned into 40 minutes. Duchess kept alerting I ignored her and continued on with what I was doing. Duchess then comes over I was sitting on the couch with my laptop. Duchess comes over and sits on top of my computer and me. I kind of got the hint that I really should recheck sure enough I was 32. So it looks like I need to always listen to Duchess honestly she has never been wrong. It is so easy to forget how quickly you can go low.

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