Friday, November 16, 2012

Team D

                I have always wondered why diabetics do not support each other more. I was on the Wego Health panel and it was brought up. I know with cancer they all seem to be so supportive and joined together but why are not all the types of diabetics. I know their our some slight differences between the different types but that does not change the fact they are diabetic. I know more and more research is showing that type 2 is autoimmune related as well. I have seen the negative stigma attached with the diagnosis of type 2. My grandfather is a type 2 diabetic and he has gotten pretty beat up because they are blamed for it. I have also seen type 1's and type 2's battling it out on diabetic online forums and comment sections of articles. It is really unfortunate this is the case. We all are struggling with our blood sugars, keeping up on exercise, eating healthy, getting proper dosages for meds, insulin or insulin pumps. Most of the time our goals are very similar but why must there be such a defined line between the type's of diabetes. The more people supporting each other the better the community is as a whole. Diabetics in general can do more as a community supporting each other regardless of type. I think we all can learn a great deal from each other when working as a team.

                    I wish that in the future that we can truly be type D together as one. I am including the link for the Wego Health Panel for anyone to listen too. I wish they we all could get along and become a stronger team. I know the results of us being one team really could have fantastic results.

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