Thursday, November 29, 2012


                  I missed yesterday was diabetes siblings day. I have two siblings my older brother and my younger sister. I know diabetes did affect my whole family. In fact everyone in the house followed the diabetic diet because it is health for everyone. At least they learned to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains as they should. I know it was not always easy for my siblings I know it was scary for them to seem me experience lows and in fact at one point my brother had to give my a glucagon injection. They watches me have seizures and all the other difficulties. I know when I hit my twenties I  had my mother tell me that she had spent more time with me and doing more with me because she knew how tough diabetes was. I know my siblings experienced the jealousy but I know my mother always squashed it with you are lucky you don't have to worry about diabetes like Tarra does. I know that answer was not easy for them either. I know now as adults they say they feel silly for feeling that way but they also acknowledge now how hard diabetes can be. I know my mother spent more time with me but I know that was out of fear back when I was diagnosed in 1980 they told my parents I would not live past age 27. I know that played a part in how I was treated.

                  I have some amazing siblings who were very forgiving about the time my parents has to spend helping me with the diabetes related things. I know both now are happy with what they have learned about healthy eating when feeding their own children now. I am lucky because I am not having children but I can always spend time with my niece or nephew. I know my siblings have been very supportive during all the complication issues and my diagnosis with hypoglycemia unawareness. I know my brother in particular really understood my need for Duchess and I will never forget that. He has always been a supporter of me doing what I need to do to stay safe. I have been blessed with a great family and my siblings have a great deal of patience, willingness to sacrifice and understanding.

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