Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Local Article on Fake Service Animals

              There was a god news article last night on a local Austin news station about fake service animals. They article discussed how people are purchasing vests and Id cards online in order to take their pets to stores, restaurants and hotels. The website even tells them how they can take their dogs with them to hotels, restaurants and stores. Nothing makes me madder than companies encouraging people to fake having a disability to take their pets with them. I Love Duchess and like having her with me but I really wish that my life was the way it was before. Taking a service dog everywhere with you is work and is not easy. I guess I will never understand why taking you dog everywhere with you is glamorous or appealing. I have struggled so much with public access issues especially with my local grocery store. That issue was caused by someone bringing their pet into the store with a vest on and the dog did damage to some food and displays. The sad part is that people assume it won't hurt to take my dog to the store but it really does make my life more stressful. Service dogs go through rigorous training and are exposed to things a normal pet would not be so they are able to deal with being in a store. I still can't believe people would actually fake to avoid fee's.

             I know so many people who need their dogs and they do not see it as glamorous or fun but just essential. I wish more people could understand the implications of faking. I know there is numerous in Austin and the number keeps growing. These bad behaving dogs are leaving a mess behind them and I end up paying the price with explaining laws and information or a confrontation. None of these things are fun but I will continue to educate in hopes that the fakes will be asked to leave. I do ask much as I can to get the fakers out of the stores and I have confronted the people as well. I helped a local store learn the laws and they were able to keep a pet that was being said was a service animal out of the store. They learned watching Duchess's behavior in the store verses the dogs and they noticed large differences. This helped the store to determine it was a fake also with my tips I gave them. I am hoping in the future people will leave the dogs at home so that people who really need their service animals can live a normal life without all the hassles.

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  1. Two edged sword this media attention stories about "fake" service dogs actually end up telling people how to get the supplies and how to "fake"... I know they are trying to increase awareness but all I can say is "thanks...not"

  2. That is defiantly the downside but sadly even without the story I meet more and more fake service dogs in public.