Friday, November 29, 2013

Blessed by Great Friends

I know yesterday the day of good eating and sharing food really has helped me to de-stress quite a bit. I know even though I have a plan of action I just don't handle stress the way I used to be able too. I am thankful that I have some incredible friends who have offered to help me to get to the grocery store. There is also the friends who are trying to get me names of car salesman who they know which would help me feel a little more at ease. I know everything will be okay but I just need to work on keeping my stress level down and finding the positives in this experience. I know my friends who live locally have been so wonderful and I am so thankful that they are in my life. I know my own family who knows about the car issues seem to be not concerned at all and in fact were like you will be fine just go buy another car and things will be great.

I know I am relieved to have a total of four days off from work to relax and get things done. I like to go into the Christmas holidays not overly stressed. I know I am looking forward to my Christmas travels to Sonoma and San Fransisco. I will be able to visit with friends which is really what I need. I know after all the overtime I worked this past year having some time to really enjoy the month of December will be much enjoyed. I know even Duchess loves when we visit Sonoma California. There is always so much we can do and the weather is only slightly colder than we are used too.  Glad some time off and fun is headed my way I know Duchess and I both could use the time.

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