Friday, November 15, 2013

Finally Adjusted to the Change

I have been thankful this week for increased sleep finally. I have had my Dexcom staying in range most of the time till around 4:45am and I am still making adjustments so I can fix this as well. Night basal changes tend to take a while for me to get perfected. Thankfully I am cruising through the night from 90-130 range which I am happy with. I hate the nights of constant beeping from my Dexcom and not being able to sleep because of the alerts every 20 minutes. I think I have finally adjusted to daylight saving time and everything seems to be back to normal. I am working out some kinks during the day but overall my blood sugars are not going up and down as much and I feel more confident in my blood sugars and overall control.

I am hoping that things will be calm and mellow for the rest of the year. I thankfully as of now am seizure free for almost 15months. I feel very blessed for everyday that I am seizure free. I am not sure how I was able to avoid seizures for 8 years but my goal is to lengthen the time as much as possible. I know Duchess has played a big part in me being seizure free as well. I know the longer she is with me the sooner she seems to notify me of fast dropping blood sugars. I know when I saw my Dexcom this morning I am getting so close to where my blood sugars are a straight line across which is ideal.

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