Monday, November 4, 2013

Great Rewards

On Saturday morning I took Duchess to the dog bakery. I purchased a great deal of things for her after my bad low on the bus which she so deserved. Every time after a bad low or incident I always make it a big party for her persistence and help during these situations. Friday I could not of been prouder because she was so persistent with the people on the bus until they got that something was wrong. She did a wonderful job and was on top of it. I know the man that was on the bus said she kept alerting over and over again before they finally clued in. They said I was very unresponsive which is not completely unusual for me at times. The interesting thing for me is that I had very little active insulin on board but I was dropping pretty quickly which equals me being unresponsive.

I know the routine with going to the dog bakery after those incidents I think helps Duchess feel like I do not view here as a failure. I know during my seizures afterwards she always acted like she let me down so I really make a big deal of everything she did right. I know that her job is very difficult and she handles so much stress and makes it look easy. She handled everything so well and I feel like reinforcing that she did her job that she will continue to be as persistent as necessary. I know a big fear of mine is that after a bad low or seizure she will decide to stop working.

Duchess seemed to be not fazed by Friday which made me feel better and she seemed to keep alerting as she normally would. I am glad she is so very smart and creative in how she gets people's attention when necessary. She is amazing in my eyes and I will always love that she cares so much to keep me safe.


  1. Duchess is once again a heroine!

    One thing I often wonder is whether a DAD gives more protection than my Dexcom G4 CGM. Reading this post gave me the insight that Duchess can do a better job of getting you help from people around you than an alarming CGM. Her persistence certainly paid off.

    1. Duchess thankfully keeps me much safer than I used to be when my Hypoglycemia Unawareness first started. I have found that yes on average the dogs will know a great deal sooner than the Dexcom. In fact there has been times I was low and my Dexcom never picked up on but Duchess did.