Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Low Frustration

My Diabetes recently even with adjustments won today. I missed the bus because I turned off my alarm because my blood sugar was low. I have done this several times recently which is not good. I was not feeling great today so I just took today off but I would have preferred to have made it into work. I set several alarms but must have turned them all off is all that I can figure out. I am trying to avoid this from happening since I don't have my car working. This creates the situation of taking longer to get to work if I am running late which is not good. I need to reduce my stress level would be very helpful I think in helping to get rid of these lows.

I did have a very stressful meeting yesterday and I have a feeling that played a part in my bad low this morning. I already did adjust my basal rates again. Last night I was not low until around 4 am which is pretty common but the rest of the night I was in range which is good. So I have a feeling the tweaks I make today might be enough to get me back on track. The frustration with lows right now is extremely high but I am hanging in there.

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