Monday, November 11, 2013

Newly Diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic

I was out shopping on my birthday this weekend and I ran into a family who's son was diagnosed several months back who said they just found out about the diabetic alert dogs. I know they wanted to know all about Duchess but I let them know that when you are first diagnosed you really need to work on getting to know your diabetes first before you throw a diabetic alert dog into the mix. Life with diabetes is stressful enough and when you are trying to learn about diabetes you need to just focus on that instead of rushing to get a dog who needs a great deal of time and training. I know the parents are worried about night time lows but I think everyone needs to try a CGMS before they get a diabetic alert dog.

I know I have never really felt a great deal of my lows since I was a child and I am not sure why. I know she said her son could feel his lows but she is worried about the nights. I did mention to her that not all diabetic alert dogs will alert at night. I know that is probably the number one reason for many they purchase the dogs so I like to inform people that it is not guaranteed to alert at night. I know many people assume getting a dog right away is a good decision but to get the best results from a diabetic alert dog you need to know your diabetes. I know I have achieved my best A1c's of my life since getting Duchess but that would not have been possible without knowing how to make adjustments to my cars, basals and other factors.

I know diabetic alert dogs are great but I think learning how your diabetes responds to things will help you use a diabetic alert dog to help you achieve what is necessary. I know I am lucky that I have my Dexcom, Animas One Touch Ping and Duchess. I know that these tools are worthless until I learn how to use these tools to make improvements in my control and to help reduce my lows. That is why once I got my insulin pump I waited a bit before I would be bringing home my diabetic alert dog home. I know I read books on insulin pumps and how to use insulin. I learned a great deal and with this knowledge I continue to make my life easier.

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