Friday, November 22, 2013

A little Angry / Frustrated in General

I am frustrated with the fact that I am back to more lows again but now the minute I treat the low it rebounds to a high even when treating with 11carbs like I normally would. These days are very frustrating for me and I am not sure how to fix this rebound effect when I am not over treating so I am trying to figure out why there is such a large rebound even when I was not low previously but a large rebound with very little food intake.
I am not sure if my body is going haywire or what but I honestly hate moments like this where I have to figure out what is causing the issue and most of the time it is not always a simple answer or very easy for me to figure out. The weather has been wonky here so that could be contributing because I seem to be affected by the weather.

I am feeling very been there done that after all the wonky numbers over the past couple of months. I would love to have a vacation from my Diabetes but I know sadly we don't get one. I am really starting to feel angry about all the constant changes or issues have needed to solve. I think in general at this point I am just tired of it all but I am not giving up. I am committed to making things work but I am just tired of all the energy it is taking to keep things where they need to be. I have so much going on all the time it seems like my Diabetes is constantly screaming endlessly for me to spend more and more time working through issues. I am just flat tired in general and so would love a vacation. Thankfully I will have some time of in December to work through things but I really would love for things to be a little calmer.


  1. Ugh, I hate when diabetes goes haywire like that and I'm frustrated for you too.

  2. I was pretty pissed off because it seemed no matter what I was doing my body did not agree with. Thankfully things seems to be calming down now.