Saturday, November 2, 2013

Discussion from Friday Afternoon

After my Friday morning visit with EMS I was not really in the mood to talk about what happened at all. I know sometime it takes me longer than others to get process what happend. I know most of my experience for the most part people are usually just concerned. I know one of the woman that was on the bus that morning was really quite pissed off at me that afternoon when I was catching the bus. She could not understand why I was unable to take care of the low. I simply said lack of glucose to the brain. I know I was really not wanting to discuss things with her when she was pissed off. I have a feeling that she really did not get that I was doing the best I can. I know she even asked me why this incident could not be avoided. I so wish at times people could understand that it is not that easy and I have had issues with lows most of my life.

I honestly had trouble with the fact that she was angry with me. I think she thought I was at fault for what happened. I know it started out like any other morning and everything seemed fine. I am not sure what I could have done differently. I know both of the people who were on the bus when the EMS arrived both were quite pushy in ways I had not dealt with previously. I know after this experience I know I really appreciate how understanding my old roommate was during those scary events. He never was angry with me but seemed to understand that things are not easy.

I am hoping next week things have calmed down and they are not angry. I am sure they were concerned but the lack of understanding seems to have caused quite a bit of issues. I am just not used to dealing with people who are angry about what happened.

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