Friday, November 1, 2013

Scary Morning Adventure

It has been one of those mornings that I don't usually ever want to experience. I was riding the bus to work but that is where it gets fuzzy. I know things seemed pretty normal for the most part. All I really know is that I had some friends who work at UT and The State of Texas who noticed that I was not responding to Duchess's alerts and let the bus driver know. They pulled over at a bus stop and then EMS arrived. I don't know much of what happened before that point except I kept insisting that I was fine. Which always means I am really not fine.

 All I know is that when EMS tested my blood sugar I was 39 which is low. I know EMS did not like that number but the funny thing in my mind is how calm and unfazed I was by this low number. I think the hard part for me is when I tend to hand lower at times that you get used to those lower numbers and so you forget the seriousness of that number. I know way back a 39 would have had me in a complete panic but these days it seems to really not scare me as much as I think it should. I know I am not invincible but I think having lows more frequently can truly change how you view the lows. I know there is a inherent danger to these lows but I seem to not have a proper response these days.

I am thankful today for my friends who were late to work and helped me get the help I needed. I know it is appreciated and I know how overwhelming it must be for them as well. I know these experiences are scary for them as well. I am really embarrassed as always but overall I am just glad to be safe. I am still at work and doing fine but had my blood sugar shoot up to 240 because of the glucose gel which happens everytime. Hoping to have a calm weekend.

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