Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What I have Learned from Retinopathy.

I have learned so much from my experience with Diabetic Proliferative Retinopathy. There is so many scary aspects of having Retinopathy but most of the items were only scary if I could not find information on the procedures. Retinopathy has reminded me of what is important and how increased control has helped me to have very little issues with my eyes through the process.

1. Keep blood sugars as controlled as possible because it reduces the amount of hemorrhages in the eye.
2. Avoid having high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. If you do have these issues the Dr. recommend to     keep it controlled.
3. Sleep with two pillows at an angle to reduce chance of a hemorrhage blocking vision.
4. Retinopathy is found normally in both eyes even if there has been no hemorrhages.
5. Ask questions about procedures and research.
6. Laser procedures will reduce your night vision so you might end up with glasses to wear at night if vision       loss is great enough.
7. A patient does not have to have surgery there is other options to addressing the issue such as shots and         laser procedures.
8. Don't let a Dr.' push you into surgery if you are not comfortable with them as a physician.
9. Don't be afraid to fire a Dr. if they are too busy to even explain to you about your condition or treat you         respectfully.       

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