Monday, November 25, 2013

Constang Beeping to a Quiet Ending

I am was really happy after very little sleep Saturday night due to low blood sugars. I adjusted my basal rates again but this time luckily it seemed to really help. I was able to sleep till almost 5:15am with no buzzing from the Dexcom. My blood sugar did rise a little bit at midnight as usual but at least it did not seem to go above 140 which is good. I most likely will need to tweak my basal around 12pm but the rest of the night looked to be right in range where I want my blood sugars. It was so nice to sleep the whole night and be able to just sleep. Seems like nights of complete rest are not something I get very often these days so I really do appreciate each night that I am able to sleep soundly.

I know even Duchess seemed very rested because she normally is up if I get up to check my blood sugar in the middle of the night. It would be so nice if the adjustments I made continued to equal more nights of uninterrupted sleep. I have also been able to reduce some of my daytime lows as well this weekend and hopefully that will translate over to my work week. Seems like last week I was low constantly which was driving me crazy and poor Duchess as well. Some times my blood sugars change drastically but others it is a slow change that I catch but tends to push up the number of lows.

My stress level has been through the roof in some ways. My car that was paid of in July is pretty much needs to be replaced. I would rather do anything than look for cars. I hate dealing with car salesman and the whole business of trying to get a good deal but not miss anything. This time I am buying a used Honda most likely. I am just not a fan of spending all that time at a car dealership. I am trying to hold off looking until January because my vacation is December 18t and I won't be back until the beginning of January. So I am really hoping to keep my blood sugars in range through all the stress and still getting all the things I need done. I know the process will not be much fun for Duchess either. I have had my existing care since before I got her so this will be here first time going as well.

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