Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Several Things

Thankfully most of the changes I made to my basal seemed to work some took me around 160 in the middle of the night which is too high so I am going to make some more tweaks tonight and see if I can improve things further. Thankfully I woke up around 130 this morning which is the much better than the 40 I was averaging recently. I know my stress level has been through the roof and yesterday when I missed I was also assigned quite a few new projects which will only add more stress onto my shoulders. Then my work added a specification to my vacation that I must have everything done before I can leave on vacation. The problem I forsee is that they keep adding projects onto to my workload and I do not have much time to finish this.

I do not handle stress well and I am doing my best to deal with things as it come but it would be so nice to not add a threat that I will not be able to take my vacation if I am not done to where they expect then I would have to delay my departure. I am not able to afford to delay my departure because of all the money coming out of my account for car down payment and the car diagnostics. So I am feeling a little edgy going into the holidays with so much looming over my head. I am normally able to accomplish everything but if they continue to add things on to my deadlines that might create more issues. I am planning to speak to my manager if they continue to add more items. I think it is rather unfair knowing I am planning to leave the state and told you might not be able to leave as planned is rather harsh.

I am a very hard worker and this new rule is insulting normally when I leave everything is done before I go anyways but this is the first time they seems to be throwing more at me instead of letting work on getting things accomplished before leaving. I am hoping to keep the lows at bay but when my work amps up the stress it can makes things very tricky for a Diabetic who is unable to handle stress well.

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