Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Article on Complications

I was glad to see Kerri Sparling writing about complications. I know I try to discuss mine because I know when I got my first complication there was no information and a great deal of judgements from others. I know the hardest part of having complications was the guilt that maybe if I had tried harder that maybe I would not have a complication or If I had started on a pump sooner things would be different. I know I still catch my self going down that though process and I have to stop myself because the guilt will consume you. Diabetes is hard enough without adding all the judgement by strangers and even my own family. I know my own family will not discuss any complications I have in fact they are the biggest critics of my efforts. I think my family honestly believes that you test take a dose of insulin and test again and its that simple. It has never been that simple. I know the longer I am away from my family the more they seem to forget all the years of the struggle to keep things where they needed to be all the times I had wonderful A1c's.

I never expected my own family to be my harshest critics but they are. I know I get judged by everyone from nurses at the Dr.'s office to others. I have heard constantly if you had managed your diabetes better you would not be where you are today. I have corrected this misinformation every time because I don't need to be judged I just need proper medical care. I have heard comments from my own Retina Specialist how if  you have this one complication you must have all these other one's too. I think part of the problem with complications is that once you have one you have all of them in all the Dr.'s and nurses minds. They also make a great deal of assumptions as who you are as a person because you have a complication. I have never been treated so badly as a patient until I got my first complication. I know a great deal of Dr.'s think I am lying when I tell them what my A1c is and I have to have proof to prove them otherwise. I know my Retina Specialist always seems to not believe that my cholesterol is normal and my blood pressure is normal. I know thankfully my Endocrinologist office views me as a patient who works very hard to maintain good control and manage my Diabetes.

I know I have to live with the fact that everyday for the rest of my life I will wake up with a complication and all the stigmas that go with having a complication. I really wish that more people understand how hard it can be to be a Diabetic and that it is not always as simple as they assume it is. I know I have some really incredible people who have complications and like me it does not stop them or really slow them down. Yes there is more appointments but your life does go on and a little less of the ignorant comments is always appreciated, but sadly they don't teach that in medical school.


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