Thursday, December 19, 2013

Recent Flight

I traveled very early on Wednesday morning to California for my two week vacation. I have been needing some time away from work after all the months of overtime and I know Duchess needed a break as well.  When we are traveling we never know what we are going to encounter. My trip started off smoothly. I noticed while waiting to get on my flight a woman with her pet outside of the carrier it was supposed to be in. I used to travel with my Jack Russel Terrier Jilly on occasion but I always kept my dog in the carrier out of respect for other people. This woman was sitting right across from Duchess ans I had a feeling this is not the last I would see of the dog. Sure enough the woman in mid flight decided that she could take her dog out and hold her but thankfully the flight attendant noticed and took action. The flight attendant told her that she was being disrespectful because of the service dog that was on board. She politely mentioned that she could be distracting a service dog who had a very important job.

Even before we left on our flight we ran into a police dog who was moving around the gates. I have never been prouder of Duchess because the police dog was distracted but Duchess was spot on. She paid no attention to its presence and laid perfectly still at my feet. She also meet another service dog when we arrived in San Jose. This service dog saw Duchess and started to pull on the leash and was trying to move toward Duchess. Duchess again sat down next to me and was so focused on her job she did not even seem to see him. She stayed incredibly focused on task during our trip so far. She even did a night alert last night which is wonderful traveling tends to make a mess of my blood sugars. I was spiking up and down a couple of time during the day which I was not too surprised at. I was so incredibly thankful that I had not problem waking up for my early morning flight. I know the past couple of weeks I had issues with getting up on time to work because of bad lows. I am feeling so relaxed on my second day of vacation. I am really enjoying my trip to Sonoma and San Francisco. The weather has been really nice and the ability to sleep in has been very much enjoyed so far.


  1. Sounds like a successful travel day! Nice job with Duchess, her reaction (or lack thereof) to those possible distractions is impressive.

  2. It was a really successful trip for Duchess and I. There is always possible distractions or obstacles but Duchess makes them look easy these days. Thank you Laosita.